The company is owned by Mr. Alexander Tyll (born 1961). He started up his enterprise in the garage of his home in Červené Pečky in 1992. A year later, due to capacity and limited space, he rented the parsonage in the neighbouring village Nebovidy and hired his first employees. Gradually with increasing production, he engaged more workers and he himself went through almost all the posts in his company. Today he employs 70 workers.

Company data

  • Výfuky Tyll s r. o
  • Nebovidy 155, Kolín
  • 280 02
  • ID: 24723037
  • VAT Number: CZ24723037

Place of business in Nebovidy

  • Nebovidy 155
  • 280 02 Kolín

Place of business in Prague

  • Českobrodská 367
  • 198 00 Prague 9

Registered by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, file No. 168899, 12 August 2010.